ROMONTA Waxes (Germany) – 100 years of quality, innovation and achievements

GOODWIN EXIM COMPANY supplies waxes produced by ROMONTA (Germany), a company with a hundred-year history of innovations and achievements, to the Ukrainian market.
ROMONTA is the world’s largest producer of lignite wax and its compounds.
The offered waxes meet the highest quality requirements, and are applied in more than 27 industries throughout the world.

The value of the proposed wax is due to their high physical and chemical properties: moisture resistance, mechanical strength, the ability to give solid shiny coatings, chemical resistance to acids, various oxidants and other active reagents, low electrical conductivity, solubility in organic solvents, etc.

Applications of lignite wax:

  • cosmetology, medicine (as a component of ointments, creams, etc.)
  • polygraphy (copy paper, etc.)
  • production of various paints
  • production of rubber products (as a component of cars tires, etc.)
  • is used to produce white wax
  • household products (as a component of the cream for shoes, protective compounds, etc.)
  • processing of thermo- and phenol plastics
  • processing of bitumen and asphalt
  • lubricants
  • waterproofing agents
  • manufacture of plastics
  • production of various polishes, mastics (for cars, furniture, etc.)
  • lubricant component for molds made from polyurethane foam
  • protective compositions for metals, fabrics, paper, leather, wood
  • production of cable products
  • electroforming
  • electro- and radio engineering
  • tobacco industry (tobacco flavors)
  • the use of lignite wax instead of ozocerite in various compositions has a positive effect on improving the quality of the latter.


wax «ROMONTA Y – S2»

Romonta Y – S2 is a compound based on lignite wax with a reduced residue after calcination (ash content).
Product Specification

Indicator Method of determination Scope of indicators
Droplet point W 1.3.2 82 – 87 °C
Acid number W 2.1.1 10 – 24 mg KOH/g
Saponification number W 2.2.1 50 – 80 mg KOH/g
Residue after calcination W 6.1.1 max. 0.2%




Romonta N – Extracted montan wax from brown coal.
Product Specification

Indicator Method of determination Scope of indicators
Curing point W 1.1 75 – 80 °C
Acid number W 2.1 22 – 36 mg KOH/g
Saponification number W 2.2 75-100 mg KOH/g
Residue after calcination W 6.1 max. 0.5%


This list is only part of our portfolio and uses only the most common brands.
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